What should I buy to start kitesurfing?

You want to start kitesurfing, but you don’t know what equipment to buy to begin? In this article, you will see that apart from the board, the bar and the sail, other accessories are also important for safe kitesurfing. Choosing the right equipment from the start allows you to progress gradually. Which board to start with? What are the different types of sails? The answers, to follow.

The board

Que faut-il acheter pour commencer le kitesurf ?

The difference between a surfboard and a kiteboard is that the latter has no buoyancy. Buoyancy is provided by traction and water contact. A board should be chosen according to several criteria, including your weight. You should also consider the size of the sail and the strength of the wind. Generally speaking, a kiteboard measures between 120 and 165 cm and is 26 to 52 cm wide.

You can choose between the Directional-Board also called Waveboard, the Twin Tip and the Mutant-Board. Directional Boards are the original kitesurfing boards with the particularity of being taller and having a higher waterline. The boards are pointed and can only be navigated in one direction. To change direction, you have to turn your body. This board can be used in waves as well as in flat water.

The Twin Tip is probably the most sold board, because it can be used in both directions. This board was inherited from the Wakeboard and has been adapted to kiteboarding with very pronounced quarters. It is ideal for beginners and widely appreciated by more experienced surfers.

The Mutant-Board is a hybrid between a Twin Tip and a directional board. The shape is similar to the directional board with a front and a back, but with the possibility to be used in both directions.

The bar

This is the bar that connects the surfer to the sail. The latest generation of bars are between 24 and 30 cm in length and feature powerful safety systems. If a danger arises, the surfer is partially or fully released. The Quick release forces the sail to land on the water while remaining attached to the trapeze. The Safety Leash releases the sail completely from the surfer.

The Sail

There is a wide choice of sails. The differences are in size, shape, flotation and the number of lines that allow you to adjust the traction to the wind and the conditions of the water. The most popular sails are between 9 and 12 m2. If you are a beginner, it is best to buy a medium size sail to simplify control. To avoid too much traction, new sails are equipped with a system called depower. This system closes the angle of the sail to reduce the surface area exposed to the wind. Among the sails offered, you will find the Softkite which resembles paraglider sails, the Tubekite which has the reputation of having a good stability. For beginners, the Bow-Kite which is a category of the Tubekite sail is very popular. The Delta-kite is also a safe glider that is one of the easiest to launch.

Other accessories

Que faut-il acheter pour commencer le kitesurf ?

The trapeze

After the board, the bar and the sail, the trapeze is one of the most important elements in kitesurfing. It has a hook to attach the bar and is fixed around the hip.

The board leash

This is a rope that connects the board to the surfer’s foot to avoid losing it in case of a fall.


This is highly recommended. Never forget that if you fall, the board can hit you and hurt your head.

Neoprene waistcoat

Kiteboarding is not a dangerous sport, but it uses speed and in this case, a fall on the water can be very violent. To protect yourself effectively, wear a neoprene waistcoat which will also ensure your flotation.


Neoprene shoes are also part of the basic equipment to protect you from the cold and to protect your feet on the beach or on the rocks.


Generally, surfers want to go out when the weather is good, during the hottest hours of the day. At midday when the sun is at its peak, the sun’s reflection on the water can be very annoying.

As you can see, the starting material is quite important compared to other sports. Once you have mastered the basics of kitesurfing, you can buy additional accessories to go out on the water more often, such as a full wetsuit with a hood for example.

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