The latest innovations in wingfoil: what’s new to know?

Wingfoil has been developing more and more in recent years. And in order to satisfy the many wingfoil enthusiasts, the equipment manufacturers have to be constantly inventive. It is therefore not surprising that new products appear regularly. Here are the most important ones at the moment.

Improvements at every turn

Many brands that are already leaders in the field have decided to complete and perfect their models. You can find boards with a larger volume or a more important volume variation. This means that you will find other models than those already present in the mid-range (foils of 1050, 1200 and 1350 cm², for example).

The latest innovations in wingfoil: what's new to know? | École Kitesurf Var

The details are also revisited like thinner handles or more flexible harnesses like the Wingman, specifically developed for wingfoil. ION has designed a leash (core coiled 5.5) specifically for wingfoil, as well as a harness (Rogue 2022 59). Its specificity? The harness has been particularly lightened, but also purified. Its Curv structure allows for great flexibility and optimal back support. It also has a mobile hook which is very useful for easy rowing and is completely invisible when not in use.

There are also accessories that are better designed for wing riders, such as a boardbag to carry all your equipment easily.

The designs of the boards have also been modified to be even better. For example, DUOTONE offers in this new year a grom version of its Whip SLS board adapted to “small sizes”.

In the spring, a new electric foil will also appear. This e-foil (the Plume) will be modular and at a very attractive price, which does not spoil anything. The material consists of a rigid board, a carbon fibre hydrofoil, an electric propulsion system and a battery. The propulsion system is controlled by a wireless remote control. The wing flies thanks to the underwater wings. The innovation was mainly in the propulsion system. This has become a high-efficiency system powered by an environmentally friendly motor (which is very important today). The engine is particularly compact. Another interesting innovation, this time in terms of safety, is that the propeller can fold away. So there is no risk of an accident.

This innovation is the joint work of riders and engineers. Because the future of the wingfoil, like all the gliding (and flying!) practices, will rely more and more on the work of scientists who repeat the simulations to obtain the best balanced board possible. The studies and therefore the next innovations will be mainly carried out in this field. It is thus possible to see many studies on composite materials being developed in order to obtain lighter materials, but also more resistant to reinforce the safety and the performances of kites and wings in particular.

But the fact that the wing in question is electric also requires work on the waterproofing of the motor, which is obviously in contact with water. For this, the equipment manufacturer has turned to a passive cooling solution. Modularity is also a must with this equipment. It will indeed be possible to convert the foil into a simple board.

What can we expect in terms of wingfoil innovation?

Le guide du wing foil pour les débutants

In addition to the usual competitions, 2023 will also be the year of the 4th anniversary of wingfoil in France. The practice will therefore be highlighted.

In Leucate, you will be able to attend the only French stage of the Wingfoil World Cup (GWA) between the 5th and the 10th of April. And it will be the occasion to attend for the first time a slalom surfing competition. The tactics of each rider will be put forward to succeed in this unprecedented challenge on French territory, on a large scale. Indeed, it is necessary to optimize one’s trajectories, which is not given to everyone. The spectators will be dazzled by the free ride surfing competition where incredible aerial figures (we hope) will be performed.

It will also be the Wingfoil Festival in Hyères, more precisely in our superb setting of Almanarre. From 14 to 17 April 2023, you will be able to attend numerous animations to initiate yourself, but also demonstrations, equipment tests (the new ones of course) without forgetting numerous competitions for all tastes and ages. This is only the second edition of this festival, but this year, there will be even more people and you will be able to discover all the best in the field, and why not contact our wingfoil school KGG?

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