The best kitesurf spots in 2021

To enjoy all the magic of kitesurfing, there are places, privileged spots which gather the ideal conditions to progress, discover and especially enjoy your kitesurfing moments.

The list of spots where you can practice kitesurfing is long and therefore can never be exhaustive.

A good kitesurfing spot is also an ideal beach with a campsite or a well-equipped motorhome area nearby. Everyone has their own needs and desires. So, we have tried to gather some parameters that seem important to us to propose you a small selection of the best kitesurfing spots in France (see also the French Federation of Free Flight) and in Europe.

Our favourite spots in France, from north to south

1. Wissant Bay, Opal Coast, Pas-de-Calais

There is no doubt that this is the place to be for kitesurfing enthusiasts, who can number in the hundreds as soon as the wind picks up! And it is this unique wind that attracts all the riders: it accelerates between the capes and, already caught in the Channel, it ends its course in the bay of Wissant!

2. Glénan Archipelago – Finistère

The best kitesurf spots in 2021 | École Kitesurf Var

It is the archipelago that remains engraved on the retina of anyone who has ever sailed, wrinkled or explored it once in their life. Turquoise waters, a steady wind, white sand, a beach to rest on, whatever the wind direction… The top of Brittany (with the Bay of Lancieux no doubt!)

3. Bassin d’Arcachon – Gironde

The best kitesurf spots in 2021 | École Kitesurf Var

The ideal place to start, even if there are many parameters to take into consideration! Riprap, sandbanks, safety instructions and oyster beds are the markers that frame the water, and the currents can be very strong. But the water corridors that are created at low tide are the spots that everyone looks for for a long, smooth ride!

4. Beach of Almanarre – Var department

L’Almanarre : un spot de kitesurf exceptionnel

Well, we weren’t going to forget our favourite spot! This beach is one of the most beautiful in France according to the New York Times (and according to us, well it’s the most beautiful!). The peninsula of Giens offers perfect conditions for kitesurfing, which attracts a lot of people, that’s maybe the black point. But there is room for everyone! There are two bodies of water next to each other and whether you want waves for jumping or a smooth body of water for speed, you’ll be happy, whatever the weather conditions.

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5. La Tonnara, Bonifacio – Corsica

The best kitesurf spots in 2021 | École Kitesurf Var

We were not going to forget Corsica! La Tonnara beach, near the beautiful town of Bonifacio, is one of the most famous spots on the island of Beauty. It’s a very technical and demanding site… Beware of the rocks!

Our spots in Spain, Portugal, Italy

Tarifa, Spain

The best kitesurf spots in 2021 | École Kitesurf Var

It’s hard to make a list of the best spots without mentioning Tarifa! Because even in 2021, it remains the Graal for all the riders: they want to go there once, twice, three times… It is the dream place, as much for the weather conditions as for the atmosphere which reigns there. It’s definitely the spot for a full-immersion trip!

Cascais, Portugal

The Praia de Guincho could not be left out either. The thermal wind system that reigns there regulates the comings and goings of the various board sports, and it is a magnificent beach, very bright where the Atlantic deposits its most beautiful swell! And the atmosphere is, like Portugal, very, very cool!

Elba Island, Tuscany, Italy

The best kitesurf spots in 2021 | École Kitesurf Var

It is a small island, with an accessible coastline and a very stable thermal wind regime in summer. The eastern part is a very popular spot for Italians, the arm of the sea between Elba and Portoferraio. Flat sea, constant wind, it is a sensational speed spot, and at the end of the afternoon, a small swell allows some jumps! A perfect environment!

Some off the beaten track kitesurfing spots

St Peter-Ording

The best kitesurf spots in 2021 | École Kitesurf Var

First and foremost, it is the largest beach in Germany. Very accessible, this spot requires a good equipment, including a wetsuit adapted to the waters. Very cold! The wind is quite stable and the swell quite regular.

Poole Harbour

Great English spot, as much for the multitude of possibilities that this spot offers, as for the beauty of the site, and the possibilities of accommodation in English cottages, far from the atmosphere of Tarifa or Hyères. A change of scenery guaranteed!

Habo Ljung Beach, Sweden

The spot is concentrated around the campsite which gives access to the beach. It is an ideal spot for beginners, because depending on the tide, a wide corridor of 400 meters is formed along the beach where the water is shallow. The surrounding sandbanks allow for a flat and super calm sea.

It is difficult to stop this list, as there are so many sites and they all have something to offer. But depending on your level, you will want to discover others, that’s for sure!

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