Why is kitesurfing the ideal outdoor sport to let off steam?

Kitesurfing is the French water sport of gliding. It was in 1996 that the official name of kitesurfing was created. Since then, many amateurs or experienced kitesurfers have been taking the waves by storm and letting themselves be carried by the wind. The feeling of freedom, adrenaline and extreme sensations give kitesurfing its full flavour. If you’re tireless and want to try water sports in a different way, here’s why kitesurfing is the ideal outdoor sport to let off steam.

Kitesurfing: the sport for thrills

Premiers sauts en kitesurf

As kitesurfers will tell you, what makes this sport so popular is the feeling of flying and being carried by the towed sail. Securely harnessed to the kite, you glide across the water on a short board. Kitesurfing allows you to leave your comfort zone by combining speed and technique. Indeed, the speed felt at sea is even more impressive than on land. The more experienced can literally take off and attempt some acrobatic tricks. Kitesurfing is a sport with almost unlimited possibilities for progression. Fun and thrills are guaranteed!

Discover the sea and the environment differently

Since kitesurfing is an aquatic sport, it will allow you to discover the marine world in a different way. While looking for the ideal spot for your practice, you will be at one with nature. Indeed, the wind is the engine of your sail. It is therefore essential that you are able to master this force and control it as you wish to steer without difficulty. Moreover, the multiplication of kitesurfing spots allows you to go to places where you have never been before to appreciate the fauna and flora. As a lover of the sea, kitesurfing offers you the possibility to get closer to the aquatic element easily and to take care of it.

A demanding and muscular sport

Kitesurfing can be practiced by anyone who is physically fit. Indeed, kitesurfing will allow you to work all the muscles of the body and in particular the arms, the thighs as well as the abdominal strap. To progress, you will also have to be motivated, have a winning spirit and not hesitate to learn from your mistakes. Kitesurfing teaches you discipline, as every mistake will put your nose in the water, tenacity and resilience. It is the ideal sport for those who like to let off steam in the open air, in a healthy and challenging environment.

Séances Kitesurf au départ de la plage

A sport to be practiced in all seasons

Kitesurfing, unlike other water sports, requires very little equipment. It is necessary to wear a neoprene wetsuit adapted to the season, a helmet, a harness, a kite and the board. This relatively small equipment allows you to practice this sport on any occasion and in any season. Indeed, it is possible to have fun even when the wind is weak. And when the sea is cold in autumn, spring or winter, you won’t be bothered by bathers and tourists. However, your wetsuit should be thick enough to protect you from the low water temperature. In summer, take advantage of the early morning hours to practice your favourite sport. It’s the perfect way to start the day.

Lessons are available for all levels

Whether you’re new to kitesurfing or a seasoned rider, lessons are available to help you progress and become more comfortable on the board, whatever your level. If you are near Hyères les Palmiers, in the Var, the instructors of the KGG school are happy to welcome you and give you the benefit of their advice. Together with the other students, you can encourage and motivate each other. Contrary to what you might think, kitesurfing is not a solitary sport at all and there is a real community that will be happy to help you discover and share their passion.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced kiteboarder, discover a dynamic sport, with strong sensations and a lot of fun that will give you wings.

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