The best wingsurfing spots in Europe

If you want to practice your wingsurfing in an exceptional setting, there are a variety of spots in Europe offering splendid panoramas. Although France already has some great beaches, it may be worthwhile to practice your art in more remote areas. With exceptional landscapes and particularly varied beaches, our continent has many areas to discover. Taking the opportunity to practice in another country can also provide a great holiday to remember. But where can you find these idyllic locations that look good on paper? To answer this question, we have selected the best wingsurfing spots in Europe.

Theologos spot in Greece – ideal for beginners

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The Greek islands offer beautiful scenery and sparkling waters. But they are also great for wingsurfing. With winds favourable for training and relatively unpopulated waters, these islands offer perfect locations. And that’s how the Theologos spot defines itself as well. Based in Rhodes, Greece, this spot is absolutely ideal for practice. The winds are gentle, but with enough lift along the length to learn the tricks. In the water, the slope is gentle, which is useful for those new to the sport to start practising quietly. It is also worth noting that the beach is particularly long and offers a large enough water surface to be exploited.

The Talamone spot in Italy

It is in the heart of Tuscany, finally only a few dozen kilometres from France, that we have selected this second spot. Particularly democratized in the field of the wing sports, this site remains nevertheless a very good alternative to practice. Indeed, the wind is constantly adapted to the practice. A minimum of training is still required before going there, as you will be surrounded by a large number of fellow sportsmen. It is therefore essential to know how to handle your kite with sufficient ease to avoid a possible accident. Apart from that, the Talamone spot is very suitable for practice as it benefits from Italy’s high level of sunshine all year round. It should also be noted that this spot is reserved for the practice of the activity only. Therefore, swimming is forbidden.

The Lumbarda spot in Croatia

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The Lumbarda spot is located on a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea. Off the coast of Makarska lies a vast archipelago in the middle of which Lumbarda is located. Lumbarda is extremely well known in the world of wing sports, even more so than Talamone, and is a good place to train for athletes of all levels. The difficulty is not excessive. The wind blows continuously throughout the day at regular speeds. However, the later hours of the afternoon may still allow for some complex tricks. The Croatian landscape is beautiful and the flowing waters will easily lend themselves to practice.

The spot in Hyères, France – Accessibility

If you choose to go local, you can still enjoy one of the most beautiful spots in Europe. The French territory in the Mediterranean Sea is full of splendid beaches and breathtaking panoramas. But more than that, Hyères is an excellent location for wind sports. Indeed, the area is lucky enough to benefit from a rare phenomenon: the crossing of two marine winds. Indeed, the town is located at the precise spot where the two winds meet. This particularity offers sportsmen and women the chance to benefit from ideal conditions. It is thus possible to train simultaneously with the east wind and the north wind. The spot of Hyères is particularly popular with amateurs and the more experienced, as it is one of the birthplaces of the discipline in France. It is thus possible to practice wingsurfing in the company of professionals as well as complete beginners. It is a great opportunity to exchange with passionate people. In order to perfect your knowledge, it is also possible to go to the KGG school directly based in Hyères, which offers courses dedicated to the activity.

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