Where is the Giens peninsula located?

Lovers of the sea love to lose themselves between the deep blue water and the turquoise sky that merge on the horizon. If the beach is synonymous with relaxation and idleness, it can be more sporty, offering the possibility of doing water activities such as kitesurfing, kitefoil and wing foil. Sensation lovers, the Giens peninsula welcomes you to its paradise-like lands.

Où se trouve la presqu'île de Giens ?

Where is the Giens peninsula?

Located in Hyères, in the Var department, the Giens peninsula is a strip of land accessible by road all year round or by a salt road which is closed in winter for safety reasons. In the past, the Giens peninsula was an island attached to the Maures mountains. Unlike the other islands of Hyères, a wide sandy cordon of sediments made up of two parts and enclosing a lagoon attached the island to the mainland, slowly transforming it into a peninsula, now accessible by land. This rare but natural phenomenon is the work of various marine currents over the last three thousand years.

How to get there?

There are several means of transport to get to the Giens peninsula. By car, you should take the road from Hyères airport along the Capte beach. More picturesque in season, take the salt road to discover the Pesquiers salt marshes and the Pesquiers ponds. By bike or on foot, get ready for a journey of about 10 kilometres from the centre of Hyères to the peninsula via the beach of Almanarre. The peninsula is also accessible by bus. From Hyères, take the line 67 bus.

The legend of the Giens peninsula

Written by the writer Gustave Roux, a native of Hyères, the legend tells how the four daughters of King Olbianus were transformed into islands in order to be saved. As the four beautiful princesses were bathing in the crystal clear water, King Olbianus saw the black sail of a pirate ship sailing towards his coast. The king asked his daughters to get out of the water immediately, fearing for their lives. But the girls were too far from the shore to reach the beach in time. In desperation, the king begged heaven to help him. His wish was granted. His four daughters became the island of Levant, the island of Port Cros and the island of Porquerolles. The last one, which was reaching out to her father, became the peninsula of Giens.

Où se trouve la presqu'île de Giens ?

What is the most beautiful beach on the peninsula?

The peninsula of Giens is famous for the beach of Almanarre which offers 5 kilometres of fine sand. Subject to the mistral wind, it is ideal for board sports. The Pradeau beach is perfectly sheltered from the wind. It is recommended for relaxation and idleness. This white sandy beach has a tropical feel to it. The beach of La Vignette has been designed and fitted out for people with reduced mobility.

The best kitesurfing spot

In Hyères, you will find the best kitesurf, kitefoil and wing foil schools in the region, accredited by the French Free Flight Federation. With the best brands for kitesurfing, such as Duotone and Ion, the kitesurfing school in Hyères invites you to go to the beach of Almanarre to enjoy the mistral wind, ideal for this sport. This beach is the mythical spot for kitesurfing in the south of France. The west, north-west wind will offer you beautiful waves and unique sensations.

Diving and hiking

The peninsula also offers marine excursions and hikes for experienced divers. Since Hyères was an important place during the Second World War, it is possible to explore the wreck of the Mustang, a fighter plane that ran aground at sea in 1945, as well as the Dornier, a three-engined seaplane. Another curiosity is the boat La ville de Grasse, a mixed ship launched in 1848 and which sank just 3 years after its first launch. It was supposed to connect Marseille and Nice. The Giens peninsula also offers you the opportunity to discover the preserved marine fauna and flora of the Mediterranean Sea.

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