The most exotic kitesurfing spots in the world

Planning a trip around the world or heading to an exotic destination? Discover the most exotic kitesurfing spots on the planet with our tips. Pack your bags and let’s discover the most beautiful places in the world under tropical latitudes.

Hawaii, the mother of surfing

The most exotic kitesurfing spots in the world | École Kitesurf Var

To start our world tour of the most exotic kitesurfing spots, we are obliged to make a stopover in Hawaii. This archipelago was the birthplace of surfing, which was highly codified in Hawaiian society. It is on the island of Oahu and particularly on the beach of Waikiki that surfing was democratized and gradually became a sport.

On Oahu, the Lanikai Beach spot in Kailua welcomes you with its long white sandy beach, bordered by sumptuous mansions and gardens planted with palm trees. The water is very calm, flat. The water is very calm and flat, with different shades of crystal clear water on the shore, then turquoise before turning indigo blue out to sea. It is an ideal spot to learn to kitesurf. It is best to go there in the morning to avoid the swimmers. In the background, you can see the island’s mountain range rising majestically to the clouds.

On the island of Maui, the spot at Kitebeach is wonderfully named. Take advantage of the constant wind to perform impressive tricks. The large water surface of the spot is quite flat and has a turquoise colour.

Tahiti, an air of paradise

Now it’s on to Tahiti. Here you will find a magnificent spot: Motu Martin. It is very popular with surfers. Motu Martin is the name of the island in front of the beach which protects the spot from the waves and the current. Kitesurfers will be able to practice on a secure flat water area. It is the ideal place for those who are looking to freestyle as well as for beginners. This spot is a paradise as it is bordered by lush, tropical vegetation.

Learn to kitesurf on Moorea

Near the town of Hauru, you will find a spot that consists of a sublime white sand beach bordered by palm trees. You can practice kitesurfing in a lagoon with turquoise waters. The water is flat with a north-easterly wind at certain times of the year. A kitesurfing school offers lessons and equipment rental.

The Fiji Archipelago

The Fiji archipelago consists of over 300 islands. With steady trade winds blowing between 15 and 25 knots, you can have a blast on one of Fiji’s many spots. Off the main island, Nananu-i-Ra is bordered by crystal clear waters and the shoreline is full of tropical plants.

The most exotic kitesurfing spots in the world | École Kitesurf Var

Suva Beach, the capital of Fiji, welcomes you with retro charm. The place offers an ideal spot for beginners. The waves are sufficient to perform freestyle tricks.

On Reunion Island

We are now on the shores of the Indian Ocean to discover the kitesurfing spots on Reunion Island. The Saline spot is probably the most frequented. The winds are generous and sweep the shallow lagoon. The spot is rather reserved for confirmed amateurs. Be careful, you are close to a protected natural park, so some areas are forbidden to access.

Boucan Canot is a fabulous spot during the southern summer season. With very strong winds, professional kiteboarders can have a blast freestyling on powerful tube waves. The local resort is perfect for renting equipment.

Atlantic paradise: kitesurfing in the Azores

The Portuguese archipelago of the Azores is often referred to as the Hawaii of the Atlantic. For kitesurfing, we invite you to visit the bay of Funchal. The resort offers a splendid panorama. The Praia Formosa is a wide strip of sand with calm water, ideal for kitesurfing.

On the island of Sao Miguel, you will find the Agua Alto spot, nestled among rocky, green hills. The water is flat, but on windy days, waves form for freestyle practice. On the same island, the spot of Praia do Monte Verde is very popular with surfers and kitesurfers, as the waves can be very big. The rocky shoreline is constantly lapped by the foam of the waves.

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