Wingfoil competitions: how to prepare and perform?

In anticipation of the major wingfoil competitions that are coming up in the next year in France and the rest of the world, it is important to be prepared. In order to be able to perform and show off your best skills at these events, the training will be intense. But it’s worth the effort. Between the new organisation proposed in 2022 by the GWA (World Wingfoil Association), the development of European tournaments and the growing visibility of the activity in France, enthusiasts will be able to have a great time and try to get one of the big prizes. But how to prepare effectively for these competitions?

Intensive training and programmed objectives

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As with any high performance athlete, wingfoil training will require rigour and organisation. One of the first steps to take is to draw up a schedule. In order to prepare, the body will need regular sessions to keep up with the demanding level required for competition. By opting for regular scheduled days, it will be easier to stick to them and to get into a rhythm. Indeed, wingfoil is a physical activity that requires a lot of energy. You are going to expend a lot of energy in a few hours and competition days can sometimes drag on. So make sure you build up your stamina before the competition days.

The other advantage of maintaining this regular rhythm is that you will undoubtedly progress. By keeping a regular watch on your activity, your level will improve quite quickly. When the day comes, you will be able to get through the day with reduced difficulty.

Vary your training sources

French and international competitions can take place in very different conditions. In France itself, the Fouras and Houlgate tournaments offer two very different climatic and geological typologies. In order to prepare yourself as well as possible for the competitions, you will need to vary your training in all areas. Go and try out new beaches for your sessions. Also, if your level allows it, don’t hesitate to face days with different weather conditions.

It is usually advisable to practice when the wind is blowing sideways. However, if you feel up to it, it may be worth practising when the wind is swinging in other directions to be prepared for competition days.

Work on your technique

Wingfoil competitions are for experienced flyers who have mastered complex movements and have a special affinity with their equipment. Figures, aerial movements, some candidates could well surprise you on the day. In order to anticipate this disappointment, you will have to work on your technique. Refine your movements and learn to really play with the wind.

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Depending on your wing format, you should find it easier or harder to perform complex moves or stylized patterns. Tame your equipment and use your planned sessions to practice these moves. Also, make sure that you master your transitions. It is absolutely vital that you are able to turn around and change direction with ease in order to stand out.

To speed up your progress, plan professional training

To be absolutely sure that you can perform on the day of the competition, you can apply all these tips. But it is also possible to complement these steps with professional training. By following the advice of a specialist in the field who will accompany you for several hours, your progress curve should be really accelerated. In addition, by benefiting from the eyes of an expert, you will be able to quickly pinpoint any shortcomings or gaps that are preventing you from improving.

For professional lessons, you can turn to the KGG School.

The KGG school in Hyères is a school that offers lessons in various fields. Kitesurfing and Kitefoil are well represented there, but they also accompany you for your wingfoil training. By using the services of the KGG school in Hyères, you will be placed in the hands of a specially trained instructor. For a period of 3.5 hours, your instructor will guide you through a tailor-made lesson adapted to your level. This is an excellent way to give your preparation a boost.

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