Water sports activities on the Giens peninsula

Whatever the length of your stay on the Giens peninsula, you will discover that the place has many tourist attractions. Moreover, if you are a water sports enthusiast, you have made the right choice. The Giens peninsula has plenty to keep you busy.

Les activités nautiques de la presqu'île de Giens

Discover the Giens peninsula and its surroundings by boat

If you like to sail on the water to observe nature and the scenery without complicating your life, you will have several choices once you arrive.

Do you like history? Why not combine your two passions by embarking on an old sailing ship? The Giens peninsula has long been a renowned fishing port. Among the most sought-after species, tuna has held an important place for the fishermen of the town and of Hyères. You can hire an old rig to explore the area around the Giens peninsula on an old tuna boat, which has been completely updated. You have the choice: you can reserve your place for a group outing or privatise the boat to raise the sails between friends and family. The group outing will allow you to discover Porquerolles and the peninsula in the best possible way. You will discover the historical heritage of the coast in a different way. The itinerary includes the Pointe de Mèdes, the beach of Notre-Dame and the Grand-Ribaud.

If you prefer the modern way, you can also choose a hybrid boat for a guided tour of the Port-Cros National Park. The boat sails silently (it runs on electricity). You will be able to enjoy the place in peace and quiet and observe numerous animal species both on land and in the sea. The trip lasts just under 3 hours and can easily be integrated into your programme of discovery of the region.

You can also choose the same type of boat and leave for the Fort de Brégançon. In 3 hours, you will discover the exterior of the presidential residence in detail in the best way.

The hybrid boat is also an excellent idea for a cruise to the Golden Islands. The itinerary will take you through Port-Cros and Porquerolles.

Looking for something different? What if you opted to hire a catamaran? Depending on the number of people, several models are available. This outing can be done throughout the day. You can book to watch a superb sunset on the waves or treat yourself to a lunch at sea.

In addition, you can also travel by boat to the Pelagos sanctuary to observe the cetaceans in this part of the Mediterranean. You will head towards the underwater canyons and will be able to observe the fin whale, the sperm whale, but also numerous turtles, dolphins…

Les activités nautiques de la presqu'île de Giens

More sporting water activities

If you prefer to explore the Giens peninsula in a more active way, there are several activities that can satisfy you.

You can rent a kayak (or a canoe, depending on your preference). For your initiation, a certified instructor will guide you in the handling of the kayak. He or she can also tell you which places to explore according to your preferences. Small traditional ports, enchanting coves and wild islets await you.

Your stay on the Giens peninsula can also be an opportunity to try scuba diving. It is an opportunity to discover places that are famous throughout the world. You will be able to observe the rich underwater flora and fauna, but also numerous shipwrecks. In half a day, you can master the basics of diving and have fun. Once you have mastered the techniques, you can organise trips with your instructor around the Giens peninsula, Port-Cros or Porquerolles. This is also the opportunity to explore the many enchanting underwater creeks off the Giens peninsula.

In the same spirit, you can also go snorkelling. You can observe superb corals or sea urchins and swim in the heart of a school of coloured fish.

The area is also ideal for snorkelling. Depending on your level, you can take part in adapted outings and walk around the Golden Islands in special places.

Of course, the Giens peninsula is also a great place for windsurfing, kitesurfing and adventure. Snorkeling, windsurfing and paddle boarding are also available for your enjoyment. Of course, there are also sessions to introduce your children to the sport.

These water sports activities will complete your discovery of the Giens peninsula and the surrounding area: the coastal path, the pretty little streets of Hyères, the archaeological site of Olbia, the Villa Noailles, the Pic des Fées observatory…

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