Australia’s most impressive kitesurfing spots

Want to kitesurf in winter? Book your tickets, pack your bags and don’t forget your swimming shorts. Head to Australia, with its sublime spots in a preserved and grandiose nature. We suggest you discover the most famous places to practice kitesurfing all year round, on the largest island in the world, with its 34,000 kilometres of coastline.

Kitesurfing near Australia’s biggest cities

Australia's most impressive kitesurfing spots | École Kitesurf Var

Kitesurfing in Sydney

Sydney is Australia’s largest city. It combines the urban environment with the beauty of the ocean. Sydney’s great harbour offers a very pleasant climate. There are many places to kitesurf in Sydney. These include Botany Bay, Palm Beach and Long Reef Beach.

For beginners, Botany Bay is a perfect place with its flat water. For the more experienced, Palm Beach and Long Reef Beach are great places to work on your wave riding skills.

Kitesurfing in Melbourne

In the south of Australia, the city of Melbourne is sheltered within a beautiful and large bay which benefits from an optimal protection against the waves. Beginners and freestyle kitesurfers alike will enjoy the beaches of Altona, Brighton Beach and St Kilda.

Kitesurfing in Brisbane

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Located on the east coast of Australia, Brisbane offers a delightful tropical climate. It’s a great place to stop if you’re heading to kitesurfing paradises like Fraser Island, the Whitesundays or the famous Great Barrier Reef.

The Noosa spot is a place of pilgrimage for kitesurfing addicts. You can also find spots near Brisbane at Brighton and Sandgate.

Kitesurfing in Perth

Perth is a beautiful city on the west coast of Australia. It is an oasis in the middle of a dry region. If you go to Perth, you can count on three magical kitesurfing spots: Woodman Point, Safety Bay and Lancelin. The wind is steady, which allows you to ride great waves.

Our favourite Australian spots

We have selected for you some unique spots in Australia that have charmed us.

#1 Shoalwater Bay – Perth

Close to Perth, the Shoalwater spot has shallow waters. The interest of the place is its isolation. There are hardly any obstacles or boats. You can exploit the wind in all directions. A kitesurfing school welcomes you and can lend you equipment.

#2 Margaret River – Western Australia – Perth

The small town of Augusta has flat, smooth water with ideal wind for kitesurfing. It is about a three hour drive from Perth. Tourists are therefore not very common.

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#3 Old Bar – New South Wales

To reach New South Wales, it will take you approximately three hours from Sydney. Old Bar is a popular beach that consists of several lagoons. Please note that there are some restrictions due to environmental protection. The beach is a very long stretch of white sand. The impressive waves break close to the shore. No need to venture far to work on your technique.

#4 Brighton Beach – Queensland

In northern Australia, Queensland has some great kitesurfing spots like Brighton Beach. Enjoy the shallow waters and a very large sandy beach, dotted with beautiful little wooden cabins. The calm waters are good for beginners.

#5 Agnes Water – Queensland

Agnes Water is located south of the Great Barrier Reef. It offers idyllic beaches, ideal for kitesurfing. A surf school is available if you are new to surfing. The area is particularly sunny all year round. The sand is golden and the water is emerald or even turquoise, depending on the location.

#6 Port Douglas – Queensland

Port Douglas beach is over 6 kilometres long. It is undoubtedly one of the best spots in Australia. The beach is swept by winds that contribute to the formation of beautiful waves. The area has beautiful tropical vegetation with mountains in the background. It’s a great place to kitesurf.

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