Discover the Giens peninsula and the area around Hyères

It is not enough to talk about the beach of Almanarre or the Bergerie, even though they are such perfect places that it seems possible to spend a week there without moving.

The peninsula of Giens and the area around the town of Hyères are rich in other sensations and abound in coastal paths, villas to visit, museums and art galleries. In short, whether it’s between two magical kitesurfing sessions, or to keep you busy when the weather is not suitable for sailing, spending time in this region will not leave you unmoved!

The Giens peninsula: paths, creeks, biodiversity… A little paradise!

L’Almanarre : un spot de kitesurf exceptionnel

At the same latitude as Cap Corse (yes!), coming to the Giens peninsula to take kitesurfing lessons is above all coming to put down your bag, or your camper van, on a real territory of a thousand opportunities. This peninsula is the southern tip of Provence, and it ends at the charming village of Giens.

To the east, the Pointe de la Madrague offers the start of a coastal path that will take you between the sea and the mountains, as the steep cliffs border this peninsula.

The whole of the peninsula belongs to the Conservatoire du Littoral, so it is a very protected ecosystem, and the signposting is very clear and very present. It is not possible to get lost or to try to disturb nature. Between the pine forests, the exotic creeks (you will discover the place called Polynesia!) and the village of Giens, a medieval complex surrounded by blue, the walks seem endless. So a good advice, space out your surfing sessions and above all, do not spare yourself the discovery of this so rich and relaxing place. And by way of the Almanarre, the beach which borders the eastern tombolo of the peninsula, come and see us!

Hyeres, an artistic city with a sparkling market!

Hyeres has been occupied since antiquity, so the history, art and beauty of the site alone are excellent arguments to come and land your kite.

This town of about 5000 inhabitants is centred on its old quarters which cling to the southern slope of the Castéou hill. Its historic centre overlooks the modern city and its airport to the southwest.

Walking through the narrow streets of the old town is a journey back in time, as the houses have been very well preserved and you can still feel the medieval impulses that used to animate this place. The market with its thousand flavours, the numerous shops offering the best Provençal specialities, all decorated with perfumed bougainvilleas, you will not remain without swooning in front of this beautiful art of living. Moreover, when the weather is hot, the old town offers shady streets where you can drink an ice-cold pastis to reward you for your walk.

The Hyères salt flats, a magical site between castles and pink flamingos

Discover the Giens peninsula and the area around Hyères | École Kitesurf Var

In the west of the town, an entire marshy area is dedicated to the harvesting of salt, and this place has a charm without name. The ponds offer a magnificent shade of pink and grey, and this palette, wedged between the garrigue and the soft stone of the castles to the north, and the azure blue of the Mediterranean, will delight photography enthusiasts.

It is also a must-see spot for birdwatchers, as the range of bird species present in this area is infinite, and depending on the season, you will be able to observe pink flamingos, migratory birds, and waders such as the egret or the avocette.

The Salins beach is a charming little beach with a wide view of the Giens peninsula, an idyllic panorama at sunset.

The Golden Islands: Porquerolles, Port-Cros and Ile du Levant

Discover the Giens peninsula and the area around Hyères | École Kitesurf Var

There is no need to make a list that would not be exhaustive as the beauty of these islands is breathtaking. Don’t go kitesurfing, they are still more than 4 nautical miles away, that’s quite a distance!

Boats will drop you off to let you discover these extraordinary islands. Numerous sites offer accommodation, even if it remains a substantial budget, it is extremely pleasant to wake up in Porquerolles and go swimming at the Silver Beach.

Don’t hesitate for a moment to make this little trip, not to go would be a serious mistake!

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