A nice walk from the beach of Almanarre

That’s it, you’ve arrived in Hyères, in the south of France. A French town in the Var department, it is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, about 16 km from Toulon. In this fabulous region, you will find the superb beach of Almanarre. Spread over about 5 kilometres, it offers a spectacular stretch of water. Kitesurfing is possible, depending on the strength of the wind.

L’Almanarre : un spot de kitesurf exceptionnel

Activities around the beach of Almanarre

The beach of Almanarre is a stretch of fine sand and small pebbles scattered over about 5 kilometres. It has the particularity of running along the road to the salt marshes in Hyères. It offers an exceptional setting. With occasional strong winds, it is ideal for certain water sports. This is the case for kitesurfing. This place hosts the world cups of funboard and kitesurf. For example, you can learn to kitesurf by contacting the KGG school in Hyères. The place is particularly safe. The swimming and water sports areas are supervised.

If you decide to go for a walk from the beach of Almanarre, you can find several types of activities. In addition to windsurfing, you can also go cycling. A good idea if you have chosen to visit the area over long distances. Some routes invite you to take original paths, as is the case for the wine bike rides. Freediving is also practised in Hyères. You will certainly have the opportunity to discover the creeks of Cassis. There are seven of them and they can be visited on foot or by sea using a kayak. Finally, you will have the opportunity to see cetaceans, but always a little further from the beach of Almanarre. Indeed, if you leave from this beach, nothing prevents you from continuing your walk in these surroundings.

The landscape offered by the beach of France

This fabulous beach of France offers a multiple landscape, intended to delight the tourists and the most used. The surrounding area is, in fact, inhabited by a real cultural wealth. If you opt for a hike, you will not be disappointed by the surrounding landscape. You can also experience a stroll along the trails by bike or on foot. The paths are signposted for a natural experience. In this landscape you will find plenty of places to stop and enjoy the unique atmosphere.

The botanical trail is one of the places where you can relax and discover almost thirty specific plants of the area. The surrounding plants will no longer hold any secrets for you. Another possibility is the walk through the old village. While walking through this area, you can admire the fountains and the narrow streets. This is an opportunity to get close to the history of this town. The historic centre of Aubagne is another place you can stop during your walk from the beach of Almanarre. This is an opportunity to visit the remains of the town.

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world

L’Almanarre : un spot de kitesurf exceptionnel

The beach of Almanarre is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If this beach delights the whole world, it is partly because it has hosted the annual kitesurfing world cup since the 1980s. But it is also due to its unrivalled landscape and the maintenance it receives. Holidaymakers have the possibility to park nearby. There are toilets and showers nearby if required.

If you feel like having a drink or a bite to eat during your walk, there are plenty of restaurants along the beach of Almanarre. The landscape is diversified by the presence of private beaches located nearby. To improve your comfort, deckchairs and other equipment can be hired. The facilities are controlled so as not to detract from the wild landscape of this beach. You can also admire the presence of wild birds in the vicinity. For all these qualities, the beach of Almanarre has received several labels, including the Blue Flag label. It has thus been rewarded for the environmental quality it demonstrates.

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