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The North kiteboarding brand owned by Boards & More became Duotone in 2019. It aims to be extremely reliable. It offers kiteboarding lines that provide an excellent connection to your kite. Among the new products you will find, for example, the Duotone FLITE99 lines. These lines have an extra 12% strength. Their elongation is reduced by 15% and they have a smaller diameter compared to previous generations of lines. The benefits of the 15% reduced elongation offer a more direct feel to the kite. In addition, the kite is faster due to the reduced diameter, thus reducing drag.

Developing different product worlds

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The Duotone brand wants to be a forerunner in the launch of Kitesurfs and Windsurfs. It tends to develop more products around the foil trend in the different disciplines of the French Federation of Free Flight. The brand has best-sellers. These flagship models include the Rebel and the Neo. The kitesurfs are always of the same high quality as those of the North kiteboarding brand.

The know-how acquired over the years has enabled the people behind the Duotone brand to develop high quality and durable products. Since its creation in 2001, Boards & More has been manufacturing top of the range kitesurfing equipment. It continues to do so by trying to bring innovations. In fact, it has been a pioneer in many technologies such as Textreme and Trinity TX, the click bar… In 2021, Duotone has launched Duotone 2021 kites with SLS (Strong Light Superior) technology. The two kites that are equipped with this technology are the NEO kite and the EVO kite. However, if you are a big fan of the original versions and do not want to change at all, you can always buy the original kites.

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A strong need for renewal

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The directors of the duotonde brand wish to develop products that meet their customers’ needs and expectations and that are in line with their own vision. They want to develop products that meet their expectations and needs, and combine them with their own visions. Although the Boards & More teams no longer manage the North Kiteboarding brand, they continue to manage the after-sales service and any returns of products from this brand.

Indeed, if a customer has purchased one or more products from the North Kiteboarding ranges, they will be able to benefit from the guarantees they were previously subject to. Nothing changes, especially if the customer had previously signed up for the extended warranty for their kite they would receive an extra six months on the original warranty period. A nice gift, not to be underestimated, offered by Duotone. Indeed, the brand is very attentive to customer satisfaction. And the team is not stopping there when it comes to warranties. It will continue to offer and honour these guarantees and after-sales service as it should.

A great international reputation

Like North kiteboarding, the Duotone brand continues to distribute kites, boards, kite twintip, surfboards, foils, but also bars, clothing and various accessories for kiteboarding. As you can see, Duotone is a brand inspired by the world of kitesurfing that is ultra-innovative. You will quickly be won over by its high quality products.

Duotone is truly an essential brand that has seen the evolution and followed the career of many kitesurfers. Among them is Aaron Hadlow from the UK. He is a five-time World Kitesurfing Champion and two-time Red Bull King of the Air winner! He has contributed to the evolution of the brand. Thanks to him, many riders have finally opted for the Hadlow set up on their Vegas. By the way, his favourite equipment is the VEGAS TS HADLOW. As for Airton Cozzolino Lopes, he won the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour event in Cape Verde in 2018. He is also the winner of the GKA Wave & Strapless World Tour 2016 and 2017. He had a crush on the NEO PRO WAM kiteboarder. Duotone’s products stand out both for their innovation and their aesthetics. They are really pleasant to use on the water and bring a real added value to kitesurfing.

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