The 5 most secret and unknown kitesurfing spots

You know the most famous spots in your area, you’ve done your research on the net and with Google Maps (an excellent idea), but you’d like to know more about the little-known, but fabulous spots. These secret spots that make the most daring surfers dream, you want to know them? We are going to introduce you to 5 of them, but shhh, as their name indicates: they are secret (or almost).

Lagoinha in Brazil

Les spots de kitesurf en Indonésie - Bali

We’ll start with a Brazilian spot, not quite secret, but not yet overcrowded. Head to the famous Ceará to discover this pretty little paradise that is Lagoinha. Start your discovery of the place by walking down the stairs from the city to the beach. Take a few minutes (at least) to observe the beautiful view with its amazing orange dune and emerald waters. You are not far from the harbour, but the harbour does not affect the quality of the spot.

The wind is steady and regular, but not insane. It is therefore ideal for fun.

As for the water, it is not very agitated in the start and finish areas. The water is ultra-flat and you’ll have your feet almost everywhere. Right next to this dream lagoon, you have the opportunity to freestyle in the open sea.

On the practical side, you are only 145 km from Fortaleza airport. The city has everything you need for accommodation, food and entertainment. In short, a little-known spot, but well worth a visit.

Mauritius: Riambel and Martello Tower

Let’s go to the other side of the world to discover the Riambel spot in the south of Mauritius. The site is not very well known by the general public, because it is reserved for high level kitesurfers. The waves are indeed very big. The current will blow you away, as it is very powerful. It is the ideal spot for freestyle or freeride. Beginners, forget it! The winds are mostly from the south (or even south-east).

As for Martello Tower, the place is even more secret. Ideal for intermediate levels, it offers a high wind range (north-west and east). As it is a little known spot, you can enjoy the whole place to yourself! It is beautiful and pleasant.

A spot in the Caribbean: Silver Sand in Barbados

Les spots de kitesurf en Indonésie - Bali

The place is located in the south of the island, not far from Oistins. Quite rocky, this spot already amazes by its wild physiognomy with turquoise waters. It is a pretty little beach with a body of water that can go from calm to tumultuous very quickly. The conditions can indeed be surprising. Flat areas follow great waves. As for the wind, it varies greatly depending on the time of day and the day (from On to Side on). Do you like a strong wind? Get up early! Then you can have fun with at least 13 knots or even 20 knots. It is then a paradise for strapless.

The place is safe. So there is no danger. The best time to discover the spot? Between late November and early April. It is the ideal spot if you are independent and do not like to practice surrounded by kite surfers of all kinds.

Obidos in Portugal

Let’s go back closer to home to discover another secret spot, located between Lisbon and Nazaré. So yes, it’s the biggest lagoon in the country, but in fact it’s hardly used. You will find a well-known spot, but also a more secret one, which is of particular interest to us here: this one is located inside the lagoon. The Nortada, the local wind, makes it a very interesting spot. The shallow waters allow you to get a foothold, which is a big advantage. It must be said that here, the space to take off is limited.

It is also important to note that the current can be very strong, especially in the mouth of the river, especially in summer when the tide is going out. You should also be careful when there are clam fishermen. Navigation is then prohibited. However, the steady wind and the quality of the waves make you forget about this small inconvenience.

Spots in Mozambique

We end our discovery of little-known spots with a whole country! Mozambique is not known for its kitesurfing spots until now. And yet, it deserves it. Take your car and drive along the coast of this incredible territory. You will discover an impressive amount of unique places to surf, alone in the world. Everywhere there are exceptional landscapes and everywhere you will enjoy excellent conditions. Bilène is the spearhead of these spots. But you can easily find other places to practice. Why don’t we give you more precise names? Simply because these secret places have no official name. Take your car and stop anywhere. There is a good chance that you will find a unique spot where you can practice in optimal conditions and alone in the world!

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