The 10 best kitesurfing spots in the Caribbean

Kitesurfing is a practice without borders. If you are planning a trip to the Caribbean, you should definitely discover the exceptional spots we have selected for you. Get ready for an expedition in the tropics.

#1 Great Exumas – Bahamas

Bahamas: the name of this destination is enough to make us dream. The Shoreline spot on the island of Great Exumas is a magical place for kitesurfers. There are many possibilities for both downwind and shorebreak. For a spot to work on your freestyle, head to Emerald Bay with its turquoise waters.

#2 Pointe Faula – Martinique

Faire du kitesurf à l'île Maurice : liste des meilleurs spots

Pointe Faula is located on the south-east coast of Martinique. It is the best kitesurfing spot on the island. It is a huge stretch of water that allows you to have a foothold on a good part of this magnificent lagoon. For beginners, Faula Point is the best place to improve your freeride and freestyle on a flat, sandy bottom.

#3 Cabarete – Dominican Republic

Cabarete is the water sports capital of the Dominican Republic. You can enjoy a constant wind of 20 to 25 knots. The water is delicious with an average temperature of 28°C. This spot will appeal to both beginners and experienced kiteboarders who can ride waves up to 2 metres high.

#4 San Salvador – Bahamas

Fancy a kitesurfing spot with unspoilt nature? Imagine walking on white or even pink sandy beaches, swept by warm trade winds most of the year. Snowbay is one of the best places to learn to kitesurf. The water is flat and shallow. A great place to work on freestyle and slalom.

#5 Canouan Island – The Grenadines

Canouan Island is dotted with great kitesurfing spots. Enjoy calm lagoons with a paradise-like feel. We particularly recommend The Pool, which is enclosed by a coral reef and offers maximum safety.

#6 Southern Grande Terre – Guadeloupe

The south of Grande Terre is protected by a coral reef which offers protected spots. The beach of Saint-François is one of the best places to have fun kitesurfing. The sand is fine and the coastline is lined with coconut trees, not to mention the crystal clear waters. For beginners, the spot of Sainte-Anne is quite interesting since it allows you to have a foot everywhere.

The 10 best kitesurfing spots in the Caribbean | École Kitesurf Var

#7 Barbuda

The island of Barbuda is coral. It is flat and therefore perfect for water sports such as kitesurfing. Want to practice in a lagoon that offers a breathtaking view? Go to Spanish Point, located on the southeastern tip of Barbuda. It’s a 3-mile long lagoon set back enough to spare you from the influx of tourists.

#8 Green Island – Antigua

Antigua is Barbuda’s sister island. It is one of the most delightful Caribbean countries. Set sail for Green Island, which enjoys a constant warm wind. The lagoon is huge and the water offers stunning shades of colour. It’s a wild beach that you can access by boat.

#9 Bounty Bay – Jamaica

In Jamaica, Bounty Bay is the most famous spot for kiteboarding. Enjoy calm, flat water protected by a coral reef. The steady winds will allow you to work on your technique. The white sand beach and lush coastline make Bounty Bay a great place to breathe and relax.

#10 Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a US territory located in the Caribbean. It is one of the largest islands and therefore offers many spots for kitesurfing. A constant wind makes it possible to carry out splendid figures.

The Isla Verde spot is a large bay with a very wide beach. The water is rough in winter but quite calm in summer. Beginners will appreciate the spot of Punta Las Marias with its long white sandy beach. If you are looking for a spot with a lot of facilities, especially for renting your equipment, we recommend Dorado Beach. Golden sand and reef-battered water will welcome you.

The Caribbean has a number of island gems where you can discover kitesurfing or perfect your skills. The spots are magical with their tropical looking beaches and their waters either crystal clear or turquoise. Don’t hesitate to contact the local professionals to rent your equipment on site.

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