The best wingfoil destinations for experienced riders

Waves, sea, sun and wind are your elements? You are never happier than when you ride your wingfoil? You’ve been to the best spots in your region and you want to go to new destinations? In France or abroad, discover the 10 best wingfoil destinations for experienced riders.

The best spots in France

France offers some beautiful coastal and lake areas to practice wingfoil when you are an experienced rider.

Port CamargueThe best wingfoil destinations for experienced riders | École Kitesurf Var

In the heart of the picturesque Camargue, Port Camargue, and especially Le Grau du Roi, offers one of the best wingfoil spots in France. Accessible to beginners as well as the more experienced, Port Camargue is swept by south, south-east, south-west and north-west winds, and plunges you into wild nature and unspoilt landscapes. This spot is very busy in the summer, so it’s best to get there before the tourists arrive.

Hyères les Palmiers

In the Var, Hyères les Palmiers offers long beaches where water sports have become commonplace. When the east wind picks up, it gives the Mediterranean Sea ideal conditions for wingfoil. The swell is magnificent and the waves well defined.

The Gironde coast

In Bombannes, the Carcans-Hourtin lake is a very popular spot for surfing and water sports enthusiasts. Moreover, every year since 2017, an event takes place on the banks of the lake: the Bombannes Air Force. It is the essential gathering of wingfoilers from France and Navarre.

The Ile-de-France

Ile-de-France has many spots to practice your sport. Indeed, wingfoil is not only practiced on the seaside. The Ile-de-France has many aquatic bases. Go to Moisson-Lavacourt, Jablines, Vaires-sur-Marne or Cergy-Pontoise to ride in a green setting and in an infrastructure adapted to the practice of water sports.

Port Leucate

Close to the Spanish border, Port Leucate, in the space of two decades, has become the international capital of water sports and is also host to the World Championships in this discipline. Port Leucate’s reputation is based on its favourable windswept region and its long sandy beaches.

Faire du kitesurf à l'île Maurice : liste des meilleurs spots

The best spots abroad

If you have the opportunity to travel, feel free to bring your wingfoil equipment to the following destinations!

Croatia: Lumbarda

Croatia is a top destination for experienced wingfoilers. Since the 1970s, water sports tourism has been growing steadily. Croatia has a strategic location and favourable winds, including the Maestral, the strong south-west wind, the Tramontana coming down from the mountains, the Bura, the north wind and the Jugo, the south wind.

Spain: Bolonia

Closer to our borders, Spain is bordered on one side by the Mediterranean Sea and on the other by the Atlantic Ocean. These are all beaches on which to launch yourself into the assault of the waves. One of the most famous spots is in Bolonia, near Tarifa. Breathtaking scenery and wide sandy beaches await you.


If you want to experience the exotic scenery and enjoy some great wingfoil sessions, Zanzibar is the place to be. Zanzibar has many spectacular lagoons to practice in. The different spots are just sublime and the water temperature very pleasant. Ride the Indian Ocean and then relax on the white sandy beaches.


When you are a confirmed rider, the wind is not a feared element. It is as much appreciated as respected. Guadeloupe is the ideal destination to enjoy favourable winds in all seasons. You will find wind and waves from the coast of Saint-François to Sainte-Anne. The French Hawaii will fill you with excitement.


If you’re in the Pacific, let’s take a diversion to Mexico. Let’s take to the water in Cancún. Famous for its spectacular parties and spring breaks, Cancun is also a hot spot for board sports and wingfoil. Wherever you are located in Mexico, in general, you will always find a spot to welcome you.

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