Wingfoil: why it’s the ideal sport to let off steam and have fun?

In recent years, the traditional windsurfing board has been given a new lease of life in the form of the wingfoil. The board is carried along by the water thanks to a wing that uses the force of the wind to give you a new sensation. This is why wingfoil is the favourite sport for those who like to have fun and let off steam with a minimum of equipment.

A sliding sport for thrills

Wingfoil : pourquoi c'est le sport idéal pour se défouler et s'amuser ?

The wingfoil is a sport that will offer you real gliding sensations, even when the wind is not blowing like a storm. Indeed, to take off, only 7 to 8 knots are sufficient. This particularity allows it to be practised even in the absence of waves, as in certain water sports centres or lakes. What pleases in this aquatic discipline, it is the feeling of freedom and lightness which emanates from the traction effect. Very manoeuvrable, the wingfoil will allow you to follow the upward current or a more intense swell for a maximum of sensations.

Enjoy the fresh air

Like all water sports, wingfoil is practiced outdoors. Beaches, water sports centres or even the banks of lakes are all good places to practice this sport. Is there any need to remind you of the benefits of sporting activity coupled with the iodine air or the heat of the sun?

Moreover, this sport is accessible in all seasons thanks to an adequate neoprene suit. Summer or winter, you can go for a leisurely ride on the waves or perform the most beautiful freestyle tricks in complete freedom and without any constraints. However, always check the weather conditions and the strength and direction of the prevailing wind before heading to your favourite spots.

A physical sport on beautiful spots

Since it is possible to ride wingfoil with very little wind or waves, the spots in France and in the world to ride are extremely numerous. In the Var, the town of Hyères les Palmiers and its wide beaches offer you ideal conditions to practice. If you need lessons or equipment rental, the KGG school in Hyères is happy to welcome you and advise you on the best places to discover the Var coast from the sea.

Wingfoil is accessible to all levels

From 7 to 77 years old, it is possible to practice wingfoil as long as you are in good physical condition. It is a fun sport that can be learned in only 3 or 4 hours of lessons, whereas for kitesurfing, the basics can be learned in a good ten hours.

Moreover, the feeling of gliding is soft, without jerks, so quite reassuring for beginners. The more experienced will enjoy challenging their friends to a speed run or impressing passers-by with complicated and perfectly executed acrobatic figures.

Let off steam while travelling light

Cours de Wing Surf Hyères Var (83)

Another great advantage of wingfoil is that you don’t need much equipment to have fun. All you need to practice is an inflatable wing that fits in your backpack and inflates quickly. There is no need for a roof rack on your car or transport trailers. The kite can be held in your hand. The board can be inflatable to save space or hard and compact. It is therefore very easy to transport. The brands DUOTONE and ION are particularly well finished and recognized as leaders in board sports. For safety reasons, we recommend a helmet and a neoprene suit to avoid sunburn or low temperatures during the cold season.

A complete activity and a common passion

Board sports are known for bringing together a large community of enthusiasts and wingfoil is no exception. Sharing this sport with others will give you the opportunity to progress, learn new techniques, enjoy group rides or challenge yourself on the water. This emerging, fun, playful and fashionable discipline is therefore the ideal sport to share, discover, improve, let off steam and have fun, alone or in a group.

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