Tips and tricks to improve your wingfoil technique

Wingfoil has become your passion and you want to improve your technique? Or are you a beginner and would like to take part in a competition soon? Wingfoil is becoming more and more popular and is accessible to all levels. If you want to be even better at this sport, here are 7 tips and tricks to improve your wingfoil technique.

Choose the right equipment

Tips and tricks to improve your wingfoil technique | École Kitesurf Var

Even if the wingfoil does not require a lot of equipment and that it is not very bulky, it is essential that it is adapted to you. Indeed, depending on your level, weight and morphology, the foil can go from 1200 cm² to 1800 cm². The sail itself is often 4 m². But depending on your weight and the wind strength, it is possible to equip yourself with a wing of 3 m² to 6 m². Finally, for the board, for a body weight of 80 kg, a 100 L board is ideal.

Take lessons

If you are a beginner, taking lessons is the best way to learn the basics correctly, execute the right moves and get started in wingfoil. However, even an experienced rider can afford a few hours of lessons with an instructor to perfect their technique. Indeed, the pro will invite you to try new spots or to perform tricks to get out of your comfort zone. If you are in the Var, near Hyères les Palmiers, the KGG school and its professional and certified instructors await you.

The course: the best way to progress

In the same way as the wingfoil lessons, the course allows you, over a longer period of time, to improve your skills with other enthusiasts. During your course, windsurfing will be your main priority. You will benefit from the expertise of your instructors, but also from the experience and advice of other students who may be facing the same difficulties as you. The course is a moment of sharing and exchange around the sport of wingfoil, which is so much fun.

Wingfoil : l'équipement indispensable pour débuter

Watch the confirmed wingfoilers

Numerous wingfoil competitions take place throughout the year, all over France. Why not come and watch some real champions? Beyond the simple pleasure of watching the competition, observe your favourite riders, the handling of their kite, the positioning of their legs, the way they lean on the board and manage the power of the wind. If possible, at the end of the event, go and talk to them. Generally, sportsmen are approachable and like to share their tips and tricks with enthusiasts like them.

Choose the right spot

The right spot can help you improve your technique. As a novice, choose a spot with little wind and a relatively calm water surface. This will give you a smooth start. For the more experienced, dare to challenge yourself by taking on a spot with a bit more muscle. Do runs with other wingfoilers, do acrobatic tricks… in short, have fun. If you fall in the water, get back on your board and do it again!

Work on your supports

Legs and feet support are essential to keep the balance on the board and during the flight. To launch in wingfoil, you have to pump on the board, which makes work the whole lower body and the abs. You can strengthen this part of your body by doing strength training exercises in the gym to improve your technique. The trick in wingfoil is to keep as much weight as possible on the board and not to try to lighten up with the wing. The wing is there to gain speed and acceleration.

Practice and practice again

The best advice to improve your technique is to practice regularly. It is better to do 20 minutes of wingfoil 5 times a week than 3 hours every Sunday. Another secret of a champion is to film yourself, from the beach or the banks of a lake, during your sessions. By watching the tape, you can observe your strokes, supports and placements and improve them if necessary. Set goals for each workout, but most importantly… have fun!

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