The Giens peninsula: a dream location for water sports enthusiasts

Whatever your water sport, there is one destination you should consider and include in your plans: the peninsula of Giens. Here, you have the choice and the decor will make you dream. Shall we tell you more?

What to do in Giens?

Once you’ve put your bags down, you’ll discover that the place is exceptional. There are obviously the superb views of the Mediterranean. But there is also an archaeological site, the villa Noailles, the observatory of the Pic des Fées or simply the beautiful streets of the town.

But if you are a water sports enthusiast of any kind, this will obviously not be enough for you. Giens is the place where you can enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine per year and more than 250 days of wind. Enough to make you happy! It’s not surprising that Giens is one of the favourite spots for windsurfers of all levels!

Kitesurfing, windsurfing, wingfoil or simply scuba diving will make you discover the best of the place. Let’s take a closer look at what you can do to make your stay a dream one.

Do you go windsurfing?

windsurf almanarre

There is one site you should not overlook when practising your favourite activity: the Baie de l’Almanarre. Known as one of the most beautiful places of the department, it is the ideal spot to fly in perfect conditions. You will have to go to this bay for its scenery. You will practice between Hyères and the peninsula. It is also worth noting that here you will benefit from a perfect westerly wind to have fun in very safe conditions.

L’Almanarre offers a wide range of activities that will certainly please you. You can practice freeride or slalom. For this, Giens has a double tombolo, which is ideal for all kinds of activities. For slalom enthusiasts, the presence of large edges is ideal. If you are crazy about speed, wait until the east wind reigns supreme. The sea is then incredibly flat and you can go as fast as you like. For an optimal practice. Favour the period from April to November. Avoid July and August, the beach is then full of people.

This spot is ideal for everyone (expert, beginner, solo, friends or family), and it is safe.

Are you more of a kiteboarder?

Les activités nautiques de la presqu'île de Giens

The Baie de l’Amanarre offers exceptional conditions to practice. But this is not the only advantage of the place. You will be able to take advantage of the immense expanse of sand which will offer you a very simple launch. It is therefore the perfect spot to learn this sport without incurring any risk. It is also ideal for children.

If you are more experienced in the practice, no problem, there is also what you need. Leave the centre of Giens for a while to join the “route du sel” in the direction of Hyères (this is also where the KGG kitesurfing school is located!).

But this is not the only spot to practice with pleasure.

You can also try the Nidan reef (south of the peninsula between the points of Rabat and Bric). The spot allows you to enjoy the particularly well-cut coastline, but also to get into the water directly around the reef. You can regularly take advantage of a wind that rushes towards the beach of Darboussière. The scenery is superb and wild.

You can still go to the spot of Niel Giens. First remark: this spot cannot be used all year round. Ideal period? Winter. The spot is not reserved for all surfers. The wind is mostly east-north-east with typical waves (more interesting than the bottom waves). These waves break on the left and the right and are fun to ride. There are few people here. You will have to watch out for the many rocks. This spot is for experts only.

You can also take advantage of the bay to attend the Grand Prix de l’Almanarre in October, an event not to be missed by water sports fans (mainly kite surfers).

The Golden Islands

Off the coast of the peninsula, but not far at all, are the Golden Islands (Porquerolles, Port-Cros and Le Levant). It is an ideal place to practice many water sports: kitesurfing, wingfoil, paddle or scuba diving.

You can practice, for example, on the beach of La Bergerie and enjoy the beautiful turquoise waters that will give you the impression of surfing in paradise.

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