Some of the best kitesurfing spots in Brazil

What if for your next kite trip you were to head for Brazil? Apart from the undeniable cultural richness of this distant country, it is also a real paradise for nature and surfing lovers. Thanks to 1200 kilometres of wild coastline with a constant wind from January to July, there are many places to practice kitesurfing, especially in the Nordeste, a dense and rich region comprising the horn of Brazil from Sao Luis to the tip of Bahia state. Let’s go and find out all about Brazil’s must-see kitesurfing spots.

Atins, the jewel of Brazil

Some of the best kitesurfing spots in Brazil | École Kitesurf Var

Between Sao Luis and Fortaleza, the picturesque fishing village of Atins is the place to be. During 7 months of the year, the wind is side on-shore and the water temperature is around 25 degrees, which makes you want to kite for hours. For moments of relaxation, the nearby Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is a natural jewel, a white sand desert where dunes alternate with lagoons filled with fresh water.

Barra Grande, the must-see

To the east of Atins, Barra Grande has become a must for kiters of all levels and styles; the sailing conditions are perfect thanks to ultra-flat water at low tide with a maximum depth of 1.40 m. Further on, near the sandbank, shore-break lovers will be served with waves reaching 2 metres. Between the village that has remained in its original state and the beauty of the landscape, here are two good reasons to go for a ride in Barra Grande.

Jericoacoara, the most famous

Ideal playground for kiters, Jericoacoara is a must for the sailing conditions. From July to December the wind increases throughout the day, easily reaching 20/30 knots. And as far as the water is concerned, there is something for all tastes and all levels. Flat areas on the shore, chop further out and waves off the bay, the place is sublime and attracts sunset lovers who come to enjoy it from the huge dune overlooking the village.

Lagoinha, the quiet one

Some of the best kitesurfing spots in Brazil | École Kitesurf Var

A little frequented spot, Paraipaba beach is located 10 kilometres from the town of Lagoinha. A surf and kite destination par excellence, it is constantly swept by winds that can blow up to 25 knots during the day. Constantly warm water at around 28 degrees, sunshine and sandy expanse as far as the eye can see. What better place than Paraipaba to indulge your passion for kitesurfing.

Cumbuco, the classic

We continue down the coast to arrive near Fortalenza in the village of Cumbuco, which is full of spots where you can practice kitesurfing, including Praia de Cumbuco, a long beach of 4 kilometres lined with coconut trees with a wind blowing between 16 and 26 knots. Since the discovery of this place, the village has become cosmopolitan with many bars and restaurants on the waterfront and if it’s crowded especially at weekends in high season, there is a great atmosphere among kiters from all over the world. For beginners, Lagoa de Caiupe, 7 kilometres from Cumbuco, is ideal thanks to its flat plan. However, this beach attracts a lot of people, so it is best to go early in the morning.

Pontal de Maceio, the windiest

About 1 hour 30 minutes drive east of Fortalenza, the wind blows regularly at Pontal de Maceio thanks to the trade winds present from July to January. An ultra-flat lagoon for beginners, offshore waves for experts and downwind rides to discover a breathtaking coastline. The village, which is still untouched by mass tourism, offers a few pousadas, hostels and restaurants. Two kilometres away you will find Barra, a flat stretch of water where you can walk almost anywhere at low tide.

To take full advantage of the exceptional kitesurfing conditions offered by Brazil, you can contact the team of KGG, Greg and Colin’s kitesurfing school located in Hyères in the Var region of France, to review the basic manoeuvres, continue your initiation and perfect your practice by following lessons and courses, either individually or in groups.

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